Zapdos-XFEXR Zapdos
Ani zapdos 2011

Game of origin
Game name Company Year
Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow Nintendo/GAME FREAK 1996
Weapon Array
Weapon mode Single weapon mode
Missile weapon AncientPower
Laser weapon Thunderbolt
Bomber Sky Attack
Slave type
Standard Raiden F
(with Articuno and Moltres)
Attributes (rating out of 5)
Movement speed (SPD) 2

Attack power (ATK) 5

Defensive coverage (COV) 1

Rapid-fire rate (RPD) 3

Bomber power (BOM) 4

Zapdos (サンダー sandaa, "thunder") is a playable guest character. It is the only non-SHMUP character in the game, being from Nintendo's Pokémon media franchise. It is custom-sprited by Gun6 and Herr Schatten.

Why Zapdos?Edit

When Alluro was active in M.U.G.E.N (a fighting game engine for the PC) as username JudgeSpear, he called himself "the Zapdos of MUGEN". When he began work on Xeno Fighters R, Gun6, whom Alluro had known from M.U.G.E.N.'s community, contributed sprites for Zapdos, and later Articuno and Moltres.


Zapdos is a powerful, but slow, character. It fires only straight ahead, leaving it very vulnerable to the sides. It behaves like a Raiden Fighters stock ship, using either the Missile or Laser subweapon at any one time. However, it needs only four powerups to reach maximum power.

Weapon ArrayEdit

Laser weaponEdit

Thunderbolt: Zapdos fires powerful bolts of lightning forward. This weapon has a slow rate of fire due to its high damage.

Missile weaponEdit

Ancient Power: Zapdos summons rotating rings of rocks straight ahead towards enemies. The rings slowly accelerate from a stop, allowing it to be used to attack in multiple locations at once.


Sky Attack: Zapdos conjures up a plasma copy of itself and shoots it forward. Zapdos is immobile for a moment after it does this attack, and this Bomber attack has a 5-second cooldown time. Using this attack on top of a boss can deal massive damage. Sky Attack is similar in function to the Samurai Sword special attack from the Strikers 1945 series.


Standard Raiden F (with Articuno and Moltres): Zapdos summons Articuno and Moltres, flanking Zapdos at either side as a Slaves. Which Legendary Bird Zapdos gets is random (i.e. if Moltres appears first, then Articuno appears second, and vice versa). They behave just like normal Slaves, including assuming special Raiden Fighters formations.

Unlock requirementsEdit

Clear Stage EX-5 (Classified)

Trivia Edit

  • When Zapdos loses a life and explodes, a pokemon stiled infobox appears saying: " Zapdos used Explosion! It's not very effective."
  • It's weaponry is based on moves from the pokemon games.

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