Xelcor Xelcor

Game of origin
Game name Company Year
Xeno Fighters Team XF 1998
Weapon Array
Weapon mode Non-Simultaneous Missile/Laser
Missile weapon Cnidarian Mine
Laser weapon Sonic Disruptor
Bomber BFG 9001
Slave type
Standard Raiden F
Attributes (rating out of 5)
Movement speed (SPD) 2

Attack power (ATK) 5

Defensive coverage (COV) 1

Rapid-fire rate (RPD) 1

Bomber power (BOM) 5

The Xelcor (グゼルコア guzerukoa) is an original fighter in the Xeno Fighters series. Its weaponry is partly original, with some influence from the Endeavor from Raiden Fighters.

Development historyEdit


The Xelcor and other original fighters as they appeared in Xeno Fighters EX (2003)

The Xelcor is third original ship designed, modeled, and named by Isotoxin. It replaced the Solvalou (and inheriting its weapons at the time) from V.A.F. Squadron. Custom sprites for Xeno Fighters R were later made by Herr Schatten.

Name originEdit

The name Xelcor comes from Xelcor GmbH, a German company specializing in project management and consulting.

The BFG 9001's name is a tribute to the Doom series.


If the Amada Vipros was the P-38 Lightning of the Keto War, the Xelcor was the P-47 Thunderbolt. Although not as widely used, especially since it didn't come into operation until the latter half of that war, its shield-mine weaponry gave it an important place as a defender of larger bombers and Amada squadrons. Like the Amada, the Xelcor was brought back into operation by ATHENA in order to strike down the BRES menace.


The Xelcor is a rather ponderous fighter with a main shot that never attains much range or rapidity. This means that understanding of its special weapons is particularly crucial to succeeding with it. The Cnidarian Mines are of particular use in areas with thick bullet fire, while the Sonic Disruptor allows for quick dispatch of close-range enemies. The Xelcor is among the fighters most dependent on understanding which weapons are called for where for success.

Weapon ArrayEdit

Laser weaponEdit

Sonic Disruptor: Generates a blue-green pulse of sonic energy that stays ahead of the Xelcor as it moves, inflicting heavy damage on anything unfortunate enough to get caught in it. However, it does not persist for more than about three or four ship lengths ahead of the Xelcor, meaning that in order to attack anything with it, you'll have to get in relatively close.

Missile weaponEdit

Cnidarian Mine: Fires a cluster of grey-and-green mines that slowly drift upwards. Upon touching an enemy or bullet, or after a set period of time, they will erupt into a sphere of green plasma that will not only damage enemies caught in the field, but also dispel any bullets that touch them. Although the somewhat slow rate of fire is something to take into consideration, this effect provides a useful aegis in areas where even the Sonic Disruptor can't take enemies down before they send out a lot of bullets.


BFG 9001: A burst of plasma that erupts into a large green flare. It activates somewhat more slowly than the Amada Vipros's Quantum Bomb, so it's a little less effective as a panic defense, most likely to make up for the Cnidarian Mines.


Standard Raiden F: This are the standard slave type used in the Raiden Fighters games.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Active from beginning.

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