FANDOM Vic Viper
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Game of origin
Game name Company Year
Gradius Konami Ltd. 1985
Weapon Array
Weapon mode Single weapon mode
Missile weapon Hawk Wind Double
Laser weapon Laser Array
Bomber Mega Beam Cannon
Slave type
Standard Raiden F
Attributes (rating out of 5)
Movement speed (SPD) 2

Attack power (ATK) 4

Defensive coverage (COV) 3

Rapid-fire rate (RPD) 1

Bomber power (BOM) 6

The Vic Viper (ビック バイパー bikku baipaa) is a guest fighter from the Gradius Series of games by Konami. It is custom-sprited by sprite artist Herr Schatten.


The Vic Viper uses standard Options and a Spread Bomb, along with a ludicrously powerful beam cannon as a special attack. It moves slower than average. The Vic Viper is the only Gradius ship that uses normal Slaves.

Until v0.10 of Xeno Fighters R, the Vic Viper was a carbon copy of its Xeno Fighters EX incarnation. Now, its weaponry and weapon mode have been updated. It now uses just one type of subweapon at a time. It also gains new Options when picking up any powerup icon. Its Spread Bombs are always available, provided the Vic Viper has collected at least one powerup.

Weapon ArrayEdit

Laser weaponEdit

Laser Array: This is the same weapon the Jade Knight uses, with some visual differences. It offers heave forward firepower, but lacks in rapid fire rate and defensive coverage.

Missile weaponEdit

Hawk Wind Double: Shoots a second bullet diagonally in the direction the Vic Viper is moving. Gives Vic Viper a much needed boost in defensive coverage, but the firepower gains are minimal with each new Option gathered. The Hawk Wind Double behaves similarly to the Pollux's Cyclopean Laser subweapon.


Mega Beam Cannon: Using the same Bomber attack as in the original XFEX, Vic Viper unleashes an energy beam than cancels out enemy projectiles and deals catastrophic damage to enemies caught in the beam. Its very effective against stronger enemies and bosses, but it slows Vic Viper's speed down dramatically until Mega Beam Cannon stops.


Standard Raiden F: Vic Viper uses the standard Raiden Fighters slaves in its color scheme. The Vic Viper is the only Gradius ship that uses these standard Slaves, since it does not have Gradius Shields as the other Gradius ships do, keep in mind that the other ships from said series have been cut from the roster since 2011.

Unlock requirementsEdit

To be announced.

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