Techno-Ayako (テクノ亜也虎 tekuno ayako) is the boss of the first stage of Xeno Fighters R, 1942 Midway Islands. It awaits the player at the end of the stage.


An Ayako bomber has been equipped with weapons and propulsion systems that one would normally expect to see only on Keto vessels.

Design basisEdit

Techno-Ayako is an edited sprite of the Ayako boss in Capcom's SHMUP 1943: The Battle of Midway. It has been given battle damage, weapons systems, and ion thrusters in its second form.

Attack patternsEdit

When Techno-Ayako first appears, it attacks with all of its defensive turrets shooting continuously at the player. Its tailgun will attack after a period of time. Once all guns and engines have been destroyed, Techno-Ayako will enter its second form.
Techno ayako wounded

Its second form exposes high-tech ammunition and propulsion systems. The wing hardpoints shoot spread shots that accelerate while its cockpit hardpoint spews one of three patterns:

  • Fast aimed diamond-shaped spread
  • All-directional spread
  • Slow aimed 3-way stream

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