RaidenmkII-XFEXR Raiden mk-II

Game of origin
Game name Company Year
Weapon Array
Weapon mode Simultaneous Missile/Laser
Missile weapon Homing Missile
Laser weapon Plasma Lock-On Beam
Bomber Thermonuclear Bomb
Slave type
Standard Raiden F
Attributes (rating out of 5)
Movement speed (SPD) 1

Attack power (ATK) 2

Defensive coverage (COV) 4

Rapid-fire rate (RPD) 6

Bomber power (BOM) 3

The Raiden mk-II (雷電mk-II raiden maaku tsuu) is a guest fighter from the Raiden series of top-down scrolling shooters by SEIBU KAIHATSU INC. It closely mirrors its Raiden Fighters series incarnation in terms of behavior and stats.


The Raiden mk-II is a very rapid-firing ship with homing and tracking weapons. It uses the famous Plasma Lock-On Beam as its Laser weapon and Homing Missiles. This ship is the slowest ship in the game, and its Bomber has a significant delay before deploying.

This ship uses both Missile and Laser weapons simultaneously. However, each needs to be powered up individually.

Weapon arrayEdit

Laser weaponEdit

Plasma Lock-On Beam: Fires a continuous stream of energy that locks on to enemies. The body of the laser can be bent to lock on to additional enemies. As visually impressive as this Laser weapon is, it is actually quite weak even at full power. At initial power level on each new life, the Raiden mk-II begins with a continuous straight-firing stream of plasma (similar to the uncharged Plasma Beam in Raiden II).

Missile weaponEdit

Homing Missiles: Releases homing missiles. Higher power levels increase the damage and the number of missiles released in one burst.


Thermonuclear Bomb: A standard focused bomb. Deals a fair amount of damage, but its significantly long deploy time makes it ineffective as a panic attack.


Standard Raiden F: This is the standard Slave type used in the Raiden Fighters games.

Unlock requirementsEdit

To be announced.

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