Screenshot101 Blue Javelin
Ani bluejav 2011

Game of origin
Game name Company Year
Viper Phase 1 SEIBU KAIHATSU INC. 1995
Weapon Array
Weapon mode Simultaneous Missile/Laser
Missile weapon Burst Missile
Laser weapon Angled Vulcan Cannon
Bomber Dimension Mine
Slave type
Standard Raiden F
Attributes (rating out of 5)
Movement speed (SPD) 4

Attack power (ATK) 4

Defensive coverage (COV) 2

Rapid-fire rate (RPD) 2

Bomber power (BOM) 5

The Blue Javelin (ブルー ジャベリン buruu jaberin) is a guest fighter from Viper Phase 1 by SEIBU KAIHATSU INC. In Xeno Fighters R, it is an alternate of the Judge Spear. The Blue Javelin takes its attributes from Raiden Fighters 2 and Raiden Fighters Jet.


The Blue Javelin is noticeably slower than the Judge Spear. It does have an advantage over its red cousin: its Vulcan Cannon has a slight spread to give it better defensive coverage. Additionally, its Missile weapon fully powered up pelts the enemy with waves of damaging missiles.

It retains the very powerful Dimension Mine as its bomber.

Weapon ArrayEdit

Laser weaponEdit

Angled Vulcan Cannon: The Judge Spear's Vulcan Cannon gets a bit of a spread for slightly better defensive coverage. Higher power levels increase the amount of rounds fired per burst, and adds the spread. This weapon is generally weak on its own.

Missile weaponEdit

Burst Missile: This weapon originates from Viper Phase 1. Waves of dumb-fire missiles fly forward. Higher power levels increase the number of missiles shot out per burst, up to 36 missiles at a time.


Dimension Mine: A powerful and fast-deploying plasma-type explosion. It is one of the most effective Bombers in the game, useful as both a panic attack and powerful enough to use offensively.


Standard Raiden F: This is the standard Slave type used in the Raiden Fighters games.

Unlock requirementsEdit

To be announced, but will be unlocked along with the Judge Spear.

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