Stage 9
Stage 9

(BRES Colony)

Inspired by Terrain type
Viper Phase 1 Outer space, space colony
Major enemies
End boss Balor
Miniboss Copper Caoineag

Jade Hydra

Hidden bonuses
Number of Micluses TBA
Number of Fairies TBA

BRES Colony is the true final stage of Xeno Fighters R. It is reached by clearing all B-stages or directly from Stage EX-6.


Once a derelict space habitat in the edge of a stellar nebula, BRES reclaimed it, renovated it, and called it "Tor Inis". The ambient radiation from the nebula made it possible to create rift generators--not of the spatial variety that the main Keto race favored, but temporal.

The BRES Colony is a vast industrial/administrative space colony holding the main shipyards, factories, and millions of BRES personnel. It houses all of their technology, including the temporal rift generators they have been using to wreak havoc in all periods of Earth's history.


This stage propels the player into the final encounter.

The player begins the stage in outer space, having to deal with fast waves of small attack space craft and various larger space fighters. Copper Caoineag will make a desperate stand against the player here.

Upon entering the BRES Colony, all the stops will be pulled, with the aerial assault intensifying to massive levels and large minelayer craft coming in from behind the player.

After passing the protective force field area, the player enters the colony's training area, where many ground units will attack the player from all sides. A second Jade Hydra awaits the player at the end of this area.

The final area is a spaceport that holds many capital ships. Even though they are docked, they will still attack the player. Turrets mounted throughout the spaceport have to be dealt with as well.

Past the spaceport is the central power station, Balor. Destroying the power core will permanently disable the BRES Colony, ending the BRES and Keto threat for good.

Notable encountersEdit

Lesser enemiesEdit

Coming soon.


Copper Caoineag: This fearsome attack/reconnaissance spacecraft will desperately make a stand against the player shortly after the stage begins.

Jade Hydra: A second war machine, made for temporal deployment after the destruction of the first one, will be used instead to defend the capital ship docking station and the BRES Colony power core, Balor.


Balor is the BRES Colony's heavily guarded central power station. It awaits players after a long and grueling fight through the many areas of the colony to reach it.

Stage branchingEdit

Clearing this stage ends the game with the best ending possible.

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