Amadavipros Amada Vipros
Amada Vipros

Game of origin
Game name Company Year
Xeno Fighters Team XF 1998
Weapon Array
Weapon mode Non-Simultaneous Missile/Laser
Missile weapon Serpent Seeker
Laser weapon Impact Missile
Bomber Quantum Bomb
Slave type
Standard Raiden F
Attributes (rating out of 5)
Movement speed (SPD) 3

Attack power (ATK) 3

Defensive coverage (COV) 3

Rapid-fire rate (RPD) 3

Bomber power (BOM) 3

The Amada Vipros (アマダ ビプロス amada bipurosu) is an original fighter in the Xeno Fighters series. Its weaponry is based on the Raiden Fighters Aegis fighter series.

Development historyEdit


The Amada Vipros and other original fighters as they appeared in Xeno Fighters EX (2003)

The Amada Vipros is the first-ever original ship made. It was originally made and named by Isotoxin, who contributed the ship to the game in the year 2000, when it was called V.A.F. Squadron. Custom sprites for Xeno Fighters R were later made by Herr Schatten.

Name originEdit

The name Amada Vipros comes from a line of industrial machines called a turret punch press, which is used to punch holes with great force in sheets of metal.

EDIT by Isotoxin

At the time, I was working in a factory that used those machines to punch holes in metal sheets and tought the name was cool for a ship.

It could be tought that the company that created the Amada Vipros industrial machines later evolved to build fighter ships.


The Amada Vipros was designed in 2028 as a fighter-bomber capable of extended flight in any portion of the atmosphere, and even limited low-orbit action. These traits made it the main workhorse fighter during the original Keto War of 2030, gaining the nickname "Reincarnated Lightning" on account of it being used in so many theaters, like the World War II American fighter P-38 Lightning. With the appearance of BRES and their campaign to conquer Earth's past, the Amada has been brought back into operation by ATHENA to fend off this new scourge.


The Amada is the game's jack-of-all-trades fighter, and intentionally so. If its weakness is that it isn't particularly potent in any one area, its strength is that it isn't lacking in any one area. The main shot has some spread, but to increase range, the Serpent Seeker needs to be active. Likewise, if the intent is to be able to do damage quickly, the Impact Missiles will be needed.

This fighter uses Missile and Laser weapons alternately. Thus, when the power-up opposing the current weapon is picked up, it inherits the previous weapon's power level.

Weapon ArrayEdit

Laser weaponEdit

Serpent Seeker: Shoots bolts of green energy that briefly fan out to the Amada's rear, then individually lock onto their respective nearest enemies and chase them down.

Missile weaponEdit

Impact Missile: Shoots missiles that fire straight ahead, zigzagging slightly while moving.


Quantum Bomb: An incendiary bomb that detonates a short distance and time after launch point. The fire cloud persists for a few seconds, allowing it to be used as a shield against enemy bullets and weak enemy craft in that time.


Standard Raiden F: This are the standard slave type used in the Raiden Fighters games.

Unlock RequirementsEdit

Active from beginning.

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