Stage 4-A

(2035 Portugal)

Inspired by Terrain type
Raiden Fighters Jet
Raiden Fighters 2
Air Gallet
Night sky over city
Major enemies
End boss Obsidian Peryton
Miniboss Stymphalian Birds
Hidden bonuses
Number of Micluses 0
Number of Fairies 1

2035 Portugal is a possible fourth stage Xeno Fighters R. It is the second of the objective failure stages, reached by destroying Jade Hydra's turret at the wrong time in Stage 3-B (1974 Vietnam) or losing at least one, but not all, Athena base in Stage 3-A (1995 Chechnya).


Lisbon, Portugal, is the main communications center for ATHENA. BRES detected Lisbon's constant monitoring of the Orion complex in Iceland, sending a massive bomber run to wipe out the Lisbon ATHENA headquarters and put a stop to their surveillance.


This high-speed stage takes place over the city of Lisbon, Portugal, at night. Once the Stymphalian Birds are in sight, air raid sirens begin to blare.

Notable encountersEdit

Lesser enemiesEdit

  • F-14 Tomcats: Massive swarms of these fighters accompany the Stymphalian Birds.
  • Miniature Obsidian Perytons: Appear onscreen at high speed, fire fast aimed shots at players, and leave just as quickly.
  • Large white bombers (name unknown): Release S and/or B on destruction.


Stymphalian Birds: A formation of 14 of these gigantic bomber planes is encountered throughout the stage.


Obsidian Peryton engages the players after leaving the bomber formation.

Stage branchingEdit

Destroying all 14 Stymphalian Birds completely will send the player to Stage 5-B (1991 Persian Gulf)

Failure to destroy all of the bombers will send the player to Stage 5-A (2003 Afghanistan).

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"A" path stages 1995 Chechnya (3-A) ● 2035 Portugal (4-A) ● 2003 Afghanistan (5-A) ● To be announced (6-A)
"B"-path stages 1974 Vietnam (3-B) ● 2035 Iceland (4-B) ● 1991 Persian Gulf (5-B) ● Dimensional Abyss (6-B)
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