Stage 2

(2035 American Midwest)

Inspired by Terrain type
Upper atmosphere
Major enemies
End boss Silver Banshee
Miniboss none
Hidden bonuses
Number of Micluses 5
Number of Fairies  ?

2035 American Midwest is the second stage in Xeno Fighters R. More hectic than the 1942 stage, it also introduces path conditions.


With the loss of the 1942 Midway foothold, BRES has commenced a direct attack on ATHENA's intelligence centers in the American Midwest. Their primary weapon is a great stock of missiles, with which they've already laid waste to a nearby city. The only way to stop the attack is to destroy the aerial battlestation warping the missiles in, Silver Banshee. After what happened in Midway, BRES is certain to focus its efforts on destroying you before resuming the attack on our installations. Fly as high as you can to minimize risk of collateral damage, but be warned that Banshee can easily sense you up there, and warp those missiles in well before you get it in attack range.


The stage takes place high over the American Midwest, later moving over a city shattered with missile craters. The Silver Banshee awaits as you fly over Lake Michigan.

Notable encountersEdit

Lesser enemiesEdit


This stage has no miniboss.


Silver Banshee awaits players after they fly over Lake Michigan.

Stage branchingEdit

The stage branches as a result of destroying Silver Banshee's beacon just as it is about to overload from summoning a large swath of fighters and missiles from Fomoire. If the beacon is destroyed while the Hurry Up/Danger message is on-screen, the signal is disrupted and the rift to 1974 Vietnam is discovered. Otherwise, the succeeding onslaught leaves ATHENA unable to detect the Vietnam rift, but still able to discover BRES's 1995 Chechnya operations.

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