Stage 3-a

(1995 Chechnya)

Inspired by Terrain type
Raiden Fighters
Twin Eagle
Air Gallet
Ruined town
Major enemies
End boss Jasper Gigas
Miniboss Staubteufel
Hidden bonuses
Number of Micluses 6
Number of Fairies  ?

1995 Chechnya is a possible third stage in Xeno Fighters R, and the first of the "condition failed" stages.


While the Midwest base lived through Silver Banshee's final onslaught, having to switch emphasis to defense meant we lost track of one of the more important fronts BRES is fighting on, if their supply flows were anything to go by. The good news is, we've found one of their lesser fronts in the First Chechen War, a front where they're also protecting a supply factory. We believe the factory is supplying that same lost front, so it's imperative that we remove its defenders and destroy it. We've already staked out a position to contain the BRES forces in an abandoned town, but the problem is the arrival of a pair of siege tanks. We cannot afford to lose our Chechnya foothold if we are to find out where they're sending the bulk of their troops and supplies, and why. Destroy what you can of the BRES force, but make especially certain to destroy the siege tanks before they loosen our holdings, especially since they'd still maintain a measure of their own foothold.


The stage takes place in a war-torn Chechen town. An army of tanks of various sizes scours the ground, while gunships and bombers attack from the air.

Notable encountersEdit

Lesser enemiesEdit

Tanks (The two largest tanks will release fairies if their main turret is destroyed, and the main body is left intact for a long enough time)
SR-71 Blackbirds


Staubteufel, a mid-sized, long siege tank that attacks in a dense area of town just before the ATHENA holding.


Jasper Gigas appears on reaching the holding.

Stage branchingEdit

While Staubteufel was commissioned to just generally get rid of ATHENA forces, Jasper Gigas was specifically commissioned to wipe out the ATHENA holding. Periodically, Gigas's main turret will aim at an ATHENA building and fire, in a fashion similar to Wild Weasel in Raiden Fighters. If a building is destroyed, the condition is failed. The player must defend the ATHENA buildings by using bombs or other ways of destroying projectiles (e.g. Xelcor's Cnidarian Mines, or even blocking the shot with a slave) to stop the blast from ever reaching its target. Losing at least one ATHENA building will lead to 2035 Portugal. Losing all of the buildings will lead to an easier version of 2035 Portugal. Success will lead to 2035 Iceland.

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