Stage 1

(1942 Midway Islands)

Inspired by Terrain type
1943: Battle of Midway
1944: The Loop Master
Sky Soldiers
Strikers 1945
Atoll chain
Major enemies
End boss Techno-Ayako
Miniboss none
Hidden bonuses
Number of Micluses 4
Number of Fairies 1

1942 Midway Islands is the first stage in Xeno Fighters R. It serves as a training ground for players to familiarize themselves with the chaining scoring mechanic.


One of the first detected BRES footholds in the past. BRES has set up a base where they will masquerade as a Japanese air force both to quickly ravage American forces, and sabotage Japanese forces later on. Although most of the fighters detected are of contemporary design and technology, one Ayako bomber has registered as being equipped with weapons and propulsion systems that one would normally expect to see only on Keto vessels. Your mission: cripple the main base and flights, and destroy the upgraded Ayako.


The stage takes place over the Midway Atoll, an important military base for the US military during World War II, as well as the site for the climactic Battle of Midway between the Empire of Japan and the United States in 1942.

Notable encountersEdit

Lesser enemiesEdit

  • A6M Zero fighters: some of these planes will kamikaze directly into players.
  • Ground turrets
  • Mitsubishi G4M bombers: Release S and/or B on destruction.


This stage has no miniboss.


Techno-Ayako awaits players after they fly into the Pacific Ocean.

Stage branchingEdit

Upon completion, the player will be sent to stage 2 (2035 American Midwest).

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